The Amazing Automobile

The Amazing Automobile

Automobiles are a mode of transportation used to get from one place to another.

They were invented by Karl Benz in 1885, and have been evolving ever since! The first automobiles didn’t actually run on gasoline at all – they ran on steam or electricity. Gasoline engines weren’t introduced until 1898, when the first car was powered by one.

The first gasoline-powered cars looked more like horse carriages than modern vehicles, and were very simple in design. They had no windshields, headlights or bumpers! It was difficult to steer because it didn’t have power steering so the wheel would turn with resistance when you turned the steering wheel which made driving harder (though it was fun to drive with no power steering).

In addition, the early automobiles had a pedal that you would press down on in order to make it go faster. The rise of cars as we know them started around 1908 when Henry Ford introduced his Model T – an affordable vehicle for everyone! This made gasoline-powered vehicles more popular because they were more affordable than steam or electric cars.

From there, the evolution of the automobile has been amazing! Every year new technologies are being implemented into automobiles like GPS tracking and rearview cameras. And now self-driving vehicles are becoming a reality – who knows what amazing technology will be introduced next? It’s an exciting future ahead for automobile designers and engineers!

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