Popular Financial Apps

Popular Financial Apps

These days, it is hard to find someone who doesn’t use a financial app. There are so many choices out there and they all offer something different. In this blog post we will take you through 10 of the most popular financial apps and show you what sets them apart from one another. We have also included reviews from users that can give you more insight into which ones might be best for your needs!

– You Need a Budget (YNAB) – We’ll start off strong with this highly praised financial app. YNAB has been featured in publications like Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and Time magazine. This application is great for people who need to budget their money more closely than they currently are doing so because it will help you create a plan for your money and allow you to save better.

– Personal Capital – This is a great option for people who want an easy way to manage their financial information from one place without having to go between multiple apps or websites. It has been featured in publications like Forbes, Money magazine and Fortune as well. They will help you maximize the value in all of your accounts to help you see the big picture.

– Mint – This is another option that allows you to manage your money from one place and it has been featured by publications like CNN, Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. It offers features such as credit score monitoring so users can keep an eye on their financial health.

– PocketGuard – This is a good option for anyone who wants to be able to set budgets and savings goals. It has been featured in publications like US News, Nerd Wallet and Business Insider. Users will also appreciate the financial planning tools that help them see where their money goes each month so they can make changes if needed.

– Yolink – This is a great option for anyone who wants to search the internet and find financial information. It has been featured in publications like US News, Mashable and Ladders so users can be confident about their choice when they pick this one. You simply need to copy and paste any text from an online page into the application and Yolink will find results.

– Credit Karma – This is another application that offers credit score monitoring and it has been featured in publications like Forbes, Zacks and Times Union. You can also use this app to monitor your financial health as well as set up alerts for when you need to know about important changes with your finances such as a new credit card offer.

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