Best Self-Balanced Two Wheeled Electric Scooters 2017

Obsessed with segways? Want to desperately buy one but jumbled up your head on choosing the best one? Don’t worry, we’re back here to get you all clear headed and untangle all that confusion for you. But first lets get started on the requisite features for a standard self-balanced two wheeler.


The Segways have found themselves a wide place in the market today. They are labeled as the eco-friendly vehicles and are the most convenient means of transport. However, when released in the beginning, there were reportedly many issues of the batteries getting exhausted. So the latest versions of these easy scooters have been bettered and upgraded and are everywhere today, only to be renamed as the best means of transportation through power!

Although these two-wheelers have been improvised to their best, let’s just look into their most basic but required features, so it is easy to refer to them as a standard:

  • Effortless use
  • Performance
  • Robustness
  • Qualitative construct
  • Receptiveness

If a normal segway, be it the most basic or heavily designed, should have all these features satisfied for a long lasting journey. One should keep in mind these critical characteristics before buying an appropriate electric scooter.

Let’s move on to describing each of these bad boys, shall we?


A new release from the manufacturers, the Epikgo Sport is known exclusively for its high durability. It safeguards its rider from fire and other electric dangers and traces any obstacle on the move. It can move through any terrain, be it sandy, full of mud or grass, effortlessly. This hoverboard has been certified to be very safe for its users.


SPEED: 10 mph RANGE: 10 miles BATTERY: Lithium                                           CHARGE TIME: 1-2 hours CAPACITY: 265 lbs WEIGHT: 31lbs

Epikgo Sport- Top 10 best Self Balanced Two Wheeler

The Epikgo also has unique LED lighting along with bluetooth features. As stated by the ElectricRider, it has a high rating on its speed, safety, distance and also its recharge time. It also has the IP54 Certification for being water-resistent and semi-submersible. Having the best speed range, you can also ride this big guy on slopes up to 18 degrees as smooth as ever.


  1. It protects you from electric hazards and fire.
  2. Can be driven on any kind of terrain.
  3. Water resistant.


  1. Reported to be heavy and bulky.

From safety to fancy LED lights, this segway is a typical state-of-the-art. So, if you are looking specifically at the adventurous side, what are you waiting for? Ready, steady, EPIKGO!


An electric scooter which is as simple as it gets. The Hoverzon S has all the basic features a standard hoverboard can have, nothing more, nothing less! It is apt for a beginner and has no age bar. Having all its characteristics picked from the grassroots of the previous generation segways, it is the simplest yet the most significant vehicle. Apart from all rudimentary features, it has a distinctive, solitary feature called the “aegis armor”, which enables it protect the battery through multiple layers, said the 10beasts. Along with this, it also possesses gear stabilization and responsive control. Another winning trait of the Hoverzon is that it comes with two different speed modes which is desirable for both beginners and pros.


MAXIMUM SPEED: 8 mph BATTERY: Lithium CAPACITY: 220lbs                                          RANGE:  12.4 miles WEIGHT: 22lbs

Hoverzon S- Top 10 Best Self-Balancing two wheeler


Lets briskly point out the pros and cons


  1. Features two different speed modes.
  2. Does not overcharge.
  3. Has an exclusive feature that protects the battery within layers.


  1. It is a fundamental model, and hence does not include the modern features.
  2. It is not fast enough.

This self-balancing automobile is the standard product in today’s generation. It is known to be rigid and hardy and has 6 distinct colorful siblings.


Another venerable hoverboard, is exclusively known for its low-budget price in the industry today. The Swagtron T1 is one of the early main-stream models that is lightweight and consists of rubber bumpers. It also has the functional atttribute of LED lighting for battery power indication. The manufacturer of this old-fashioned yet first-class two wheeler assures you of its commitment to safety and is also certified officially.

Swagtron T1- Top 10 Best Self-Balancing two wheeler


MAXIMUM SPEED: 2-8 mph RANGE:  12 miles WEIGHT:  22lbs                         BATTERY: Lithium CHARGE TIME: 1 hour MAXIMUM WEIGHT: 220lbs

As reviewed by customers in Amazon, this self-balanced two wheeler is very easy to handle and has a long battery life. Coming to its ups and downs:


  1. Low price at the market.
  2. Comfortable to be used by anyone.
  3. Lightweight.


  1. Does not include advanced features(No bluetooth).


Segway Minipro- Top 10 Best Self-Balancing two wheeler

Spanning a wide range of features, from the most basic to the trendsetters, Segway MiniPro has its own next level in the competition today. Built with crisp assembly, and at the same time coordinating to be in the vogue, all its eccentricity falls under the feature of including a handle. This monster is impervious to corrosion and is also shock absorbent. It also bears knee bars so that its rider can drive with utmost precision and hence the Segway has crossed all those obstacles towards holding the title of being the most flexible segway on the go. Testified to be safe, it also has an optional bluetooth feature, that can be connected to your phone.


MAXIMUM SPEED: 10 mph RANGE:  14 miles WEIGHT: 28lbs                            BATTERY:  1600W CHARGE TIME: 4  hours MAXIMUM WEIGHT: 220lbs

Lets briskly point out the pros and cons


  1. Stunning build quality.
  2. Supplies knee bars for accuracy and flexibility.
  3. Possesses a handle for comfort.


  1. Sometimes the battery life is shorter than expected.

The Segway MiniPro is the ultimate that made everyone’s jaw drop when it was released. It has all the characteristics, both necessary and design-oriented which makes it own the throne. The description and reviews of this bad boy will make you want to throw all your money on it.



MAXIMUM SPEED: 8 mph RANGE:  12.5 miles  WEIGHT: 26.4lbs                      CHARGE TIME: Less than an hour MAXIMUM WEIGHT: 220lbs

The Powerboard Hoverboard is known to have been manufactured with a great build quality. It is supplied with a carry backpack upon purchasing. This affordable electric automobile is plain sailing and is majorly uncomplicated for use. It has a supremely powerful battery that lasts for six hours and also takes minimum time to energize itself.

Reported to be convenient to use, it is another newfangled yet has straightforward means to access.


  1. Powerful battery.
  2. Simple and convenient.
  3. Great construct.


  1. Not as fast as the other models.


Yet another model that left the segway industries awestruck. Its breathtaking features would include a five-level charge indicator and a carrying strap for convenience. It has a snazzy, chic design and also the exclusive feature of bluetooth speakers embedded within it. It also has a smartphone app, which almost all other segways do not have. These features made the Swagtron T3 win the race among the present, in fashion hoverboards.


MAXIMUM SPEED: 8.5 mph  RANGE:  7-12 miles WEIGHT: 22lbs                                  BATTERY:  Lithium CHARGE TIME: 1 hour  MAXIMUM WEIGHT:  220lbs

Lets look into the pros and cons, shall we?


  1. Consists of different riding modes.
  2. Five-level charge indicator.
  3. Bluetooth speakers and smartphone app.


  1. Heavy and bulky.

This upgraded version of the Swagtron has way more qualities than its older versions. It has a jazzy design and is robust and sturdy and is worth all the cost.


Razor Hovertrax is labeled to be the smartest automobile. It contains an LG battery that can be changed whenever the battery dies. It is pocket-friendly and has elegant features of its own that gives it a dashing appearance. One of them include the Ever Balance technology, which enables it to adjust its level, so you can step on it easily. It also has blue LED lights and bumpers. The two-wheeler board has 350 Watt motors on both its wheels. Moreover, it also has two different modes which can be easily driven by beginners and experts, both.

Razor Hovertrax- Top 10 Best Self-Balancing two wheeler


MAXIMUM SPEED: 8+ mph  RANGE:  12.4 miles  WEIGHT: 26lbs                                BATTERY:  Lithium          MAXIMUM WEIGHT: 22olbs


Apart from the modish features that this smart guy bears, the Razor Hovertrax is verified to be safe against fire and other electrical dangers. The platform is anti-slip, so you can grip yourself comfortably and are on the go! One thing that could be a setback for this powerboard is that the weight of the person that rides on it matters.

The segway has way too many advantages, outweighing the cons. Nevertheless, let’s specify both


  1. Has two different riding modes.
  2. Introduced with the Ever Balance technology.
  3. Has a power indicator.


  1. A little too expensive compared to other hoverboards.


The Street Saw is one usual electric board that is widely recognized through its manufacturer. It is otherwise named the DailySaw 6.5 Inch hoverboard. Available in a variety of colors, this product is customary but accomplished in its own ways. It consists of the Samsung/LG battery. It runs smoothly for five to six hours. Now this duration may vary with time. One exceptional feature about this vehicle that needs to be pinned is that it features jazzy LEDs that throw light up to a distance range of 6.5 feet.

Streetsaw- Top 10 Best Self-Balancing two wheeler

As its name suggests, the Daily Saw has 6.5″ wheels and weighs not more than 25 pounds. What adds more to its traits are the provisions of bumpers that is best suitable for toddlers, since it prevents the vehicle’s base from bearing scratches.It also helps the ride be balanced and roll smoothly.The material of this hoverboard is aircraft grade, said the StreetSaw website. This makes the Daily Saw hold a little more weight than the other segways, and hence makinf its way through the competition. Another model that is certified to be waterproof.


MAXIMUM SPEED: 10.5 mph RANGE:  12.5 miles  WEIGHT: 25lbs                    BATTERY:Samsung/LG , 44,000mAh  CHARGE TIME: 60-90 minutes  CAPACITY: 260lbs


  1. Has bumpers to protect the board.
  2. Waterproof.
  3. High-quality build.


  1. Not as attractive as other models


The SKQUE entered into the market with a blast! Not one, but with three different products, each having unique features, while there is little difference in their specifications. This left the customers overwhelmed, since they had a decision to make, but well the manufacturers didn’t let the burst the SKQUE bubble. With three models standing right there, you could just choose the one you desire. Each sibling has its own swanky design. They differ in wheel sizes with 6, 8 and 10 inches respectively. They are classified as the Original(6″), the Arrival(8″) and the Freestyle(10″).


MAXIMUM SPEED: 6.2 mph  RANGE:  13 miles WEIGHT: 33.1lbs                     BATTERY:Samsung/LG , 44,000mAh  CHARGE TIME: 60-120 minutes  CAPACITY: 264lbs

These products have two driving motors, have zero turning radius and can be turned 360 degress, mentioned its makers, Skque. However, it might have a few cons.


  1. Features three models, with three wheel sizes.
  2. Safe to use and easy to handle.
  3. Attractive and trendy.


  1. The maximum speed range is less compared to other products.
  2. A little pricey.

Apart from these cons, which could be walked over, these segway triplets are amusing and modish to use, and can be shown off while riding.


The KooWheel 7 inch hoverboard was released with dual bluetooth feature and smart LED lights. It has an auto-balance feature which makes it easier for beginners to start with. The board is divided into three segments and hence the wheels are separated giving more balance to the vehicle. It is said to have awesome wheels which run smoothly as ever. The KooWheel patent hoverboard also comes with 6.5″ and 8″ wheels. Testified to be safe, it has zero noise design and a strong battery life. Its inclination degree can go up to a 30 degree angle which is easy for climbing. It has a solid shell that makes it rigid and protected from running through any terrain.

Koo Wheel- Top 10 Best Self-Balancing two wheeler


  1. Features three models, with three wheel sizes.
  2. Safe to use and has smart balancing technology.
  3. Climbing angle of 30 degrees.




MAXIMUM SPEED: 12 mph  RANGE:  10 miles  WEIGHT: 18.8lbs                                BATTERY:Samsung CHARGE TIME: 60-180 minutes CAPACITY: 220lbs

Segways may vary in their size, durability, attractiveness and a lot many features. You may have your own priorities and concerns when it comes to choosing the optimum one. If you need a little more clarification, you have the 10beasts which has described every tech spec and every feature a little more elaborately. To think about it, there is a segway for every kind of taste. All you need is to be certain on your requirements, and you have the right hoverboard for you!












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