Best Luxury Nail Polish Brands

If you are a polish-a-holic you will surely be looking for these critical points before buying the ideal luxury nail care for yourself. The lustre, velvetness, blooming properties are the most important ones to look for. Moreover, you should be careful with the chemical with which these colors are prepared when it comes to taking care of your finger claws: they should not get rough nor get ugly reacting to all those synthetic stuff. The colors should make your nails look exquisite and at the same time deliver total ease of flow.

Keeping these in mind, the following brands have come up with amazing results in the nailcare industry that have delighted all those customers hankering for the ideal model. There are so many choices that will leave you perplexed, not in choosing the ultimate among the bad ones, but in choosing among the most supreme ones with high quality essence.

Smith and Cult Nail Polish

The nailed lacquers of Smith and Cult made a deluxe entry in the beauty industry. These guys come in short cylindrical bottles which are lucid so the color is seen through crystal clear. How the paint just glides through your nails dreamily will leave you dumbfound. The one-coater is glowing and the two coater gives an opaque finish. The liquid is chip resistant. These nail paints arrived with 30 explicit varieties each defining a color of mother nature. Moreover the sentences named to each sibling such as ‘She said Yeah’ and ‘Kings and Thieves’ describes every emotion with the flow. The rich creamy texture will not fail to impress you and what’s more is its high shine and milky smooth consistency. Nothing could go wrong with this product and its lastingness and irresistibility is something you will crave for! As the name suggests ‘Smith and Cult’ will get both your attitude and innocence out the doors. These gorgeous little bottles excite you with all unique paints with all that jazz and shine. Add-on features would be the short length of the brush which gives you a better grip on painting your nails, said the beauty editor and also the high-quality formula which justifies the price.

Smith and Cult

Smith and Cult

HIGHS: Smith and Cult nail shades satisfy all the requirements needed for a typical nail polish. From durability to texture, it has got every feature at high-level quality.

LOWS: Disappointed some purchasers to be ‘unworthy’ of the price. 



With a goal of inspiring their customers for a lavish manicure experience, Essie has a snazzy outgoing collection of a wide range of shades of nail polish that you will never get bored of. A dense bulky solution with no streaks, it gives a glossy finish to your nails. Formulated with high-quality standards, it will make you quit biting your nails after putting such beautiful colors on your hand with such immense quality. Choosing among the shades will make you go crazy and at the same time yearn for more. Even if your nails have a bumpy surface, these babies will give a flawless finish to the



nail surface which is enduring for at least a week without chipping off. The bottle is funky in design and so is the stem of its brush, and the liquid will give a shimmering, elegant look to your mani, not forgetting an even more graceful, smooth run of the nail paint on your nails. Every variety is suitable for every kind of look, be it professional or party wear, and will delight you with colorful touches.

THE GOOD: Known for striking types of tints, good appliance through brush, long lasting and fast drying with utmost ease of painting.

THE BAD:  Sometimes the liquid becomes too turbid, and chips off easily. Some customers even complained that it  takes a lot of time to dry.

Nevertheless, to put it in a nutshell, this brand delivers efficient, charming semblance on your hands which you can show-off like a princess.





Zoya is one of the most princely, opulent brands in the nailcare industry recognized for its Matte merchandise. It promises an utterly wearable and stylish results with a shimmering glow on your nails. Celebrated as non-toxic and retaining for a long, long time. It has numerous, gorgeous colors that will leave you awe-struck to choose among. It has been, by far the most durable upshot with a five star for its charm as shine tumbles along the strokes on your fangs. Zoya is meant for its affordability while still maintaining its superiority quality and formula wise. Although look-wise the container is not so attractive, it is totally a surprise in the inside.

THE HAPPY FEATURES: Available in striking colors appropriate for any season, high longevity with seamless, velvety results.

THE DOWNSIDES: Complained to chip off easily at times, and gets bumpy or has clumps while brushing through.

The tinctures and grand caliber undoubtedly outweigh the scarce number of cons and this blend is definitely a keeper!


OPI -Top 5 Best Luxury Nail Colors 2017


The OPI nail lacquers have nailed the commercial world of beauty commodities. With classic diversity of tones and chroma and a title given to each,  each kind speaks the language of dazzle and grace on the go. Non-watery, startling lustre without any lumps or uneven spurt. The outflow is rippleless and shiny and the varieties of tints are soooo exciting that they are un-escapable. It is the most asked-for brand and delivers special effects and textures to produce results from subtle to eye-popping brights that beautify your finger claws.

PROS:  Amazing taints, strength to last long.

CONS: Hard to remove, strong smell.

The constitution redefines ‘glamarous’ and is formaldehyde free. Highest rated in the nail fashion industry plus excellent in its simplicity for use.


Mentioned to fashion an intense holographic sparkle by its manufacture, ILNP produces exceptional, incomparable nail colors for your fingernails. From flakies to jellies, chromes and holographic kinds, they give a glittering effect on the enamel. Their collection is pretty massive and so is their quality. It’s shocking how you can have so much magic inside a small bottle. The glimmers shall definitely leave you color kissed. The taints vibrantly cascade your nails through different combinations of hues.




HIGHS: You will never stop staring at your nails after applying the pretty colors on your fangs. Easy to apply and easy to remove, looks good even with one coat.

LOWS:  Reviewed to be smudged at the sides and flake off easily, and sometimes needs multiple coats for a glassy finish.

ILNP Nail colors let you groove with your party mood, the night mood or any mood you want to get cozy with. It is easy to apply with good opacity.

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