Best Portable Speakers 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

If you are in a flutter about which Outdoor Speaker you need this year, you are at the right place! Here-in we stage the best portable speakers of 2017.

You obviously must have pinned the touchstones for the perfect speaker you would want to, your charts. Esteemed ones would include a high degree sound and usage frequency, that is, the life of the speaker. There are, of course, a few stumbling blocks to each of them, when it comes to functionalities or when the question flashes your mind “Is it worth the money?”


Bluetooth Portable Speakers List

We make this sally a cakewalk to you as we have mustered up a list of the ten speakers who have crawled their way to the paramount stage in the reviews this year.

1. UE BOOM 2

Compact, yet known for its flipping maximum volume and waterproof earmarks.

Available in a number of radiant, exquisite colors, it remits choicest 360 degree sound.



Tech features:-

Battery Life: 15 hours                                            USB Charging: Yes

Weight: 0.544 kg                                                      Frequency response: 90Hz-20 Khz

Drivers: Two 1.75” drivers and two 1.75”x3”      Aux-in: Yes

passive radiators

NFC: Yes                                                                      Wireless Range: Upto 100 feet


Although it is completely unnecessary to specifically mention the pros and cons, since the pros heavily countervail the cons, we give a crisp look at that too.


  • Can be submerged inside water up to one meter of depth and is dirt proof.
  • Contains an audio jack with a Bluetooth connection for up to eight devices.
  • Uses an equalizer on your phone with the help of an app.
  • Delivers 360 degree sonic effect.


  •  The range of connectivity can sometimes flicker.

The UE Boom 2 has an IPX7 rating for its waterproof resistance and capable of brilliant gesture controls. It continues to be the gold standard for compact Bluetooth mobile speakers as mentioned in CNET too.

So, if you are looking for a speaker to hang out with, you know which one to buy.


This wireless speaker has a multi-directional output. It has a robust and intense sound quality with impressive balance.

A remarkable feature of FUGOO which makes it the onliest of its kind is that it comes with a whole wardrobe of ‘jackets’ which help weather the elements.




Tech features:-

Weight: 1 pound                                                         Battery life: Up to 40 hours

Wireless range: 30+ feed                                       Frequency response: 60Hz-20 kHz

Drivers: Two 28mm neodymium tweeters,

two 39mm neodymium aluminum domed

mid/woofers, two 43mm x 54mm passive radiators    NFC: No

Aux-in: Yes                                                                          USB charging: Yes


  • Omni-directional echo cancelling microphone.
  • Surprisingly great battery life of 40 hours.
  • Flexible and touch with plenty of cases and attachments.


  • Sound doesn’t spread equally.

FUGOO does not fail to possess its surprisingly exquisite sound performance and seemingly long-lasting battery life, bending its lifetime according to the height of volume you set it to.

Put through several wet and muddy tests, this speaker holds itself against the others due to its  ‘go-anywhere’ feature, as stated in the TechRadar review.

So if you plan to party while travelling, FUGOO is the word.


3. Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2

Meet this high-performance sonic device. Integrated with powerful Bluetooth feature, it is 20% more compact than its predecessor. Although it retains the premium feel that made the first Roar so good, it does have a few twists. It features a metal build and 5 distinct drivers. The two woofers at the sides which go pit-a-pat and pump while driving the low-end audio, is what makes it a far cry from the first Roar.


  Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2

Tech features:-

Weight: 3.6 pounds                                   Battery life: 8 hours

Wireless range: 40 feet                          Frequency response: N/A

Drivers: One 2.5″ driver, two 1.5″          NFC: Yes

drivers and two passive radiators

Aux-in: Yes                                                  Bluetooth version: 3.0

Weatherproofing: No                            Charges devices over USB: Yes

Being fair and square, we produce both comforts and drawbacks to you..


  • Consists of a Micro SD Card slot that most speakers don’t
  • Has an exceptional feature of recording.


  •  Sound quality might defer when the range exceeds 3 ft.

If you are looking for an aggressive bass and room-filling audio delivery, this is probably the best option. It is an eye-catchy device and also has an additional feature of cranking up the sound when in the ‘ROAR’ mode.


4. JBL Xtreme

This ultimate impervious portable speaker has dominant conduct and comprehensive features. JBL Xtreme pulls off towards offering varieties of perks to justify its price tag. It takes very little time to recharge and can create a punchy music environment. The durable and rigid housing allows the speaker to outlast outdoor lifing. The massive battery power allows it to slosh tunes for upto 15 hours. It also has an inherent feature, that is the microphone that makes or takes crystal clear voice calls.


  JBL Xtreme


Tech features:-

Weight: 4.6 pounds                 Battery life: 15 hours

Wireless range: 30+ feed     Frequency response: 70Hz -20kHz

Drivers: Two 2.48″ woofers   NFC: No

Aux-in: Yes                                 USB charging: Yes


  • Has a carry-on strap to use it as a side bag, redefining the meaning of “mobility”.
  • Splash proof with a tough exterior.
  • Room filling music with balanced frequency.


  •  Not as attractive and trendy for an expensive handy speaker.
  •  Plays in low-key volume for a few seconds when switched to a new song.

Its sturdy feature has escorted it to the top 10. This is the best choice for when long-term usability and service-ability is the prime concern.


5. Beats Pill+

Although the Beats Pill was a hit a few years ago, it did have a few flaws such as its looks and poor sound quality. The Pill+ is revised model to its forerunner, with a minimal and smart design. It is sleek and light-weighted. On its flip-side, it is a little over-priced to match its features.

Beats Pill+

Beats Pill+

Tech features:-

Weight: 0.75 kg              USB: Yes

Aux-in: Yes

Yet another splash-proof speaker, it provides an elegant, symmetrical, unblurred experience.

It sure is pricey, but if you are on the go for Apple-hardware, then there is no hindrance.

To sum up, we have:


  • Grippy and easy to grab.
  • Improvised battery life when compared to its older model.
  • Can be paired to another Beats speaker species.
  • Excellent bluetooth range.


  •  Lacks the NFC feature.
  •  Overpriced for its humdrum features.
  •  Delivers uncomfortably loud music at times.

With its sophisticated design, Beats Pill+ looks as good as it sounds. The simple, intuitive interface is no nonsense so you can get to your music fast.


6. KEF Muo

The KEF Muo is one gorgeous Bluetooth speaker when it walks on the ramp among its other rivals. It would receive a jaw-drop applaud, with a respectful bow for its lucid sonic quality.

Its royalty alone would be a mark for buying it. Along with this exquisite characteristic it has a strong build and great looks.




Tech features:-

Weight: 0.816 kg                             Battery life: 12 hours

Drivers: 2x50mm UniQ drivers   Aux-in: Yes

KEF Muo could be considered as matchless in the wide competition for the best portable speakers, and the pros make you want to brush away the cons, because they don’t weigh any importance.


  • Posh looks and an astounding built-in quality.
  • Balanced and clear-cut emission of sound.
  • Smooth functionalities and easy to operate.


  •  Costs a fancy amount.
  •  Excessive vibration.

Artfully, it can be used either vertically or horizontally, which varies its sound output, working in two modes: stereo and party. It is available in classy colors. If you’re an audiophile, this is suitably the best portable speaker to be recommended.


7. Libratone Zipp Mini

This cylindrical package of sound caters to those with an ear for sound and an eye for style. It has a dexterous collection of traits just like it’s sibling, the Libratone Zipp. It has everything for a speaker in demand. This mobile boombox has two amazing features that sets it apart from the other speakers on stage. It can be connected to six other speakers that can be spread across the environment via Wi-Fi to disperse the sound. You can play different tracks or the same one at the same time. The other trait is that it supports multiple wireless functions, namely Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.


Libratone Zipp Mini

Tech Features:-

Weight: 1.1 kg                           Battery life: 10 hours

Bluetooth Version: 4           USB-Charging: Yes

Although this wieldy Zipp is just peerless, there are a spattering number of cons, that can be passed over:


  • Modish looking and comes with a speaker.
  • Outer shell can be changed for which it has a number of colorful alternatives.
  • Unique touch controls and has an app dedicated for easier access.


  • Process of changing colors is complicated.
  • All the functions are controlled by a single button which could be cumbersome.

Particularly commented by the PCMag, it has versatile essence for a small speaker. Unaffected by volume levels, it justifies it’s price at the market.


8. Harman Kardon Go+ Play

The Go+ Play is a pure and simple Bluetooth speaker. Its big, mind-shattering sound makes the room beat fully wonderful. It has a solid bass while having just the basic features of what a simple portable speaker can have. It has the impediment of lacking in the ‘Wi-Fi’ feature, but sure emphasizes on the powerful essence of a speaker. It looks fantastic, one of the best wireless basic model speaker you can have for your home.

Harman Kardon GO+ Play

Harman Kardon GO+ Play

Tech Features:-

Weight: 3.4 kg                    Battery life: 8 hours

Bluetooth Version: 4.1    

We outline the quality of the Go+ Play through the ups and downs:


  • Upscale looks with a groovy kettle-like build.
  • Delivers rich and crisp quality of volume.
  • Has a solitary dual microphone conferencing system.
  • Unexampled built-in features and adds to your style when you are on the go.


  •  Lacks connectivity to Airplay.
  • A little heavy-weighted for its size.
  • Has solely the bluetooth feature.

It does lose a score for the absence of the most vital feature, however what it does do, performs excellently.


9. B & O Beoplay A1

This portable speaker is a dome-shaped aluminum clad, that delivers astounding, clear-cut sound effects for its small size. It has a rigid structure and a strap for you to hold on to. It is known to be robust enough to handle bumps and scratches by everyday use.  Accurately designed to produce a 360 degree sound. It has multiple functions which add to its beauty. It has the microphone, for making and taking calls. When it comes to sound quality, Beoplay A1 is top notch bluetooth speakers you can face.


Beoplay A1

Beoplay A1

Tech features:-

Weight: 0.6 kg                             Battery life: Upto 12 hours

Bluetooth Version: 4.2          USB-Charging: Yes

Frequency Response: 60 Hz -24 kHz

This guy also has a few shortcomings along with the dainty traits as briefed up below:


  • Minuscule sized, which enhances the meaning of being portable.
  • Produces stunningly intense size despite its miniature size.
  • Delivers upto 24 hours of good music.


  • In spite of being water proof it does sound a little muffled while exposed to water.
  • Can play up to 24 hours but with reduced efficiency after 10 hours.
  • Yields low volume compared to its rivals.

The sole feature which this speaker snags behind for is its battery life. It might also be expensive for some not so great traits. For such diverse features looked upon for a review, this may not be as great as the other rivals, however it does not fail to position itself in the top 10 of 2017.


10. Bose Soundlink Mini II

Released with a classy look, the metal-clad speaker is small, and a lot more capable than what its spoor suggests. This mini device provides deep-bass for a full range experience. It delivers big performance when compared to its size. Its aluminum casing is both sassy and tough. You definitely rejoice in your music on the go, everywhere you go. I has got the perfect size to define a ‘portable speaker’.

This baby could be a little too chunky for it’s size, but strikes out on being frail and delicate.

Bose Soundlink Mini II

Bose Soundlink Mini II

Tech features:-

Weight: 0.62 kg                          Battery life: Up to 10 hours

Bluetooth Version: SBC        USB-Charging: Yes

Wireless Range: 30+ Feet     Aux-in: Yes

There are of course a few downsides of this speaker. Keeping in mind the eminences, broadly specified in TrustedReviews,  we boiled down to the following.


  • Emits impressive heavy bass music.
  • Available in royal colors, carbon and pearl.
  • Peripheral connections kept to a minimum.
  • Elementary design for a primitive speaker.


  • Very bulky for a mobile speaker, eliminating the significance of trans-portability.
  • Has only a handful of features.
  • Can only connect a maximum of two devices through bluetooth.

It sounds excellent for the price and provided you’re not looking for a rugged speaker to take out with you everyday, it ticks all the right boxes for a Bluetooth speaker at this price.


Hope this got you clear headed on buying the best speaker. You surely aren’t as woolly-minded as before because we have described every key feature of these mobile sound boxes to be known before short-listing.  It is an obvious point to note that some transcend in their service-abilities while being easy on the pocket. Others just stint in a few functionalities with a rigid build structure. There is a wireless speaker available at every taste and budget.

It is you who needs to choose the one you desire.

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