Best Maternity Pillows 2017

Most women undergo a lot of pain during pregnancy and the suffering is unbearable. They need a pillow for their neck, tummy, hips and shoulders. Dealing with so many pillows in the middle of the height is a headache. Maternity pillows have been released in the market and providing health and comfort is their motto. These pillows are so large that they abolished the need of multiple pillows.

However, not all pregnancy pillows are perfect. Following are a few insights that should be kept in mind before buying an ideal pillow suitable for you.

BODY TYPE: The pillow should provide best comfort considering the shape and size of your body. It should be fit for all shapes and sizes of women.

POSITION: Maternity pillows should be cradling your body no matter what position you are sleeping in. They should provide support to your neck, hips, back and especially your belly for a good sleep.

PRICE: Of course, the price of these pillows should be reasonable enough and worth all the money.

EASY CLEANING: The material should be of a standard quality so as to be easy to clean as well as soft and plushy.

Keeping these factors in mind, we have short-listed the top 5 best maternity pillows of 2017. But first, let us have a quick grid view on the specifications of these pillows. 

RATING4.5/5 (258)4.3/5(7,465)4.2/5(2,975)4.2/5(833)4.2/5(131)
WEIGHT9.6 pounds3 pounds7 pounds10.1 pounds6.1 pounds
SIZE16.3 x 16 x 13.5 in60 x 24.8 x 7.2 in51 x 33.5 x 8.8 in56 x 9 x 32 in55 x 30.7 x 9.3 in



A giant U shaped body pillow that gives you all medical benefits. It caresses your baby bump and at the same time aligns your spine, making sure you get an all-night sleep. Comfort U-body has a 50-50 consistency of both polyester and cotton making sure its washable as well as smooth. You will be pleased with this product since it makes sure that its worth all the money. You can curl around it however it want to, as it gives you custom support from all directions. Sleeping on this large pillow is equivalent to sleeping on five separate ones.

Comfort U Total Body Pillow


                             PROS                            CONS
–          Lets you sleep through the night with utmost satisfaction.

–          Perfect body pillow for a long term use.

–         Reported to be too big by some customers.


As a pregnant woman, one should take care of her neck, stomach, hips and back while sleeping. These are the most critical regions of your body. You will need to look after your growing tummy, and make sure you are bracing your neck and back correctly. The Snoogle manufacturers kept the natural contour and shape of every pregnant woman in mind and designed a great C-Shaped pillow that pretty much gives all the support needed. It is made of polyester and has a larger mid-section for extra support and comfort. As the name suggests, you can snuggle inside this perfect cocoon and doze off to sleep easily. It’s unique design prevents improper breathing, sciatica and all other pregnancy difficulties. Easy to maintain, you can use it any position, i.e. while sleeping, watching T.V and lounging.

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow


                               PROS                            CONS
–         C-shaped pillow made of polyester which makes it smooth.

–         Unique design to prevent improper breathing and provides other medical benefits.

–          Extra comfort and lavish support especially for your belly.

–         Doesn’t suit all pregnant women

–         Some customers complained the neck area to be too high.



The ideal pillow for cradling a growing tummy and an aching back. Back-N-Belly’s exceptional design gives a customary fit and at the same time respects the natural contours of your body. It does not forget to show special care to your neck as well as shoulders. You needn’t worry about any medical condition since it minimizes all of it with the magic of its unique design. This pillow is an all-nighter and is no less than any other pillow mentioned when it comes to relaxation and pain relief. This Leachco breed has all the functionalities a faultless pillow should have and has a high rating by its customers.

Leachco Back N Belly Pillow


                                 PROS                            CONS
–          Relieving and soothing and exclusively designed for all.

–          Effective and affordable pricing.

–         Too short for a good height person and might be uncomfortable at times.


If you are looking for a pillow that scores extra points in not only restful sleep but diminishes head discomfort, Cozy comfort is the best solution. It focuses on providing special support to the head as well, with a square-shaped soft quality head rest. Not only the head, other supreme features are the prime belly support for your belly to rest properly and also making your baby comfortable. It does not fail to caress the natural curves of your body with constant comfort. The 8 and a half inch long pillow does not forget to give relaxation to your feet either! The semi-polyester, cotton material produces even plushness and comfort. The curved shape gives plenty of repose to your shoulders. Overall this maternity pillow does all the efforts to make you sleep like a baby.

Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort


                              PROS                             CONS
–          Cradles your entire body with constant comfort.

–          Includes special shoulder Comfort and also relieves pain.

–         Not so satisfactory as expected.


The Meiz total body is another maternity pillow that has the motto of giving replete support in accordance with the natural shape of your body. It makes sure that all your body is given full cuddle bracing. The functionalities of Meiz is multi-fold. The material is neither too soft nor too firm, bolsters your hips and spine for a neutral position and helps you sleep comfortably to your sides. The extra long mid-section delivers excellent back and tummy support. Also, its slightly curved end tucks adapts to the body shape, keeping you cool and relaxed. It is also responsible for pain relief for people suffering with gastric problems, sciatica, congestion, etc. and eliminating tossing and turning.



Meiz U-Shaped Total Body



                               PROS                             CONS
–         Multi-functional properties with full body contour system.

–          Guaranteed pain relief for a comfortable night sleep

— None to our knowledge

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